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  Portraits and Paintings


   I have always been fascinated by people, their faces, and figures. Each person is so very different in personality and appearance,  and the attempt to characterize those differences in a painting becomes both challenging and fun.

   By observing the effect of light and shadow on the subject, and portraying it by the juxtaposition of warm versus cool tones,  light versus dark, and transparency in glowing skin tones versus the opacity in clothing and backgrounds, I am better able to capture a likeness.


   When commissioned to paint a portrait, the client

and I discuss the number of subjects, the preferred size, composition, background, media (oil paints, watercolors, or pastels), and price, and I strive to ensure  the resulting painting is pleasing to both the viewer and myself.

Portraits are painted from the client’s photograph, or an appointment is arranged for live sitting or photo shoot.


   People often dominate the theme of my original paintings,  but I enjoy tackling  florals, landscapes, and the occasional abstract, as well. These paintings will be added to this site as they become available, and others will be removed when they are sold (although possibly offered as prints).


To purchase a print, please follow the link on the “Prints” page, or follow the link to fineartsamerica on the “Contact us” page; to commission a portrait, mural,  or purchase a painting, send an email  from the link on the “Contact us” page.





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